Celtic Data Center Services


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Celtic Data Center Services provides entirely secure, accessible and scalable data center services to clients. Our state-of-the-art facility is intended to take away all doubts from our customers.

  • Utmost network flexibility and dependability
  • Climate controlled facility
  • Finely tuned security through 24 hours surveillance and multiple levels of access security

Managed HostingManaged Hosting

Celtic Data Center Services offers managed hosting that is delivered from our data center.

  • Managed network services
  • Managed security
  • Managed hardware
  • Managed operating systems
  • Managed storage
  • Managed backup and restore
  • Advanced monitoring
  • Service Level Agreements

Private Cloud HostingPrivate Cloud Hosting

Experience secured, flexible and scalable virtual cloud hosting with the use of the latest technologies available.

Data CentersData Centers

Provide your data centers with an efficient, and highly secured environment. Achieve the highest possible uptime for your clients.